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Daytime Drowsiness- Causes And Treatment

Gepost door op 2 november 2021

Inability to stay active during the daytime what is provigil a sign that the individual is suffering from daytime drowsiness.
This is a health condition in which the affected person fails to remain alert amid daytime activities and get longings to nap several times in a day. There are certain factors which lead to such extreme fatigue and weariness. One can make certain changes in their lifestyle and provigil over the counter take proper medications to fight such illness.

The main causes of daytime drowsiness or provigil 100mg excessive sleepiness may include

Inadequate Sleep

Failure to attain the sleep or retain it for long during the night hours is called sleep deprivation. It indicates that the individual is suffering from some kind of sleep disorder.
Insomnia, hypersomnia, and obstructive sleep apnea are some of the common sleep disorders which can cause disturbances in the circadian rhythm of a human body. Inadequate sleep during the night hours will generate drowsiness during the daytime and impulse to fall asleep anywhere will ruin the entire day.


Individuals suffering from hypothyroidism are often found to struggle with the sluggish tendency. It is a type of hormonal imbalance which affects body temperature and metabolic activities. The hormonal disturbances can affect the cognitive process also.
One can find it difficult to concentrate due to excessive sleepiness and fatigue. Unintentional weight gain with hypothyroidism can also be responsible for causing daytime sleepiness.


Anaemia is a health condition in which the individual suffers from low red blood cell counts and the heart has to work vigorously to supply enough oxygen to the bloodstreams.

When the heart functions harder, the body gets weak and one feels extremely tired and exhausted. Even if one gets to sleep adequately, the strenuous working of the heart during the day will cause such type of health disorders.

How To Treat Daytime Drowsiness

To fight such health issue, one can make certain changes in their lifestyle.
One of the most important changes is to follow a healthy and regular sleep regime. It will help in regulating the biological clock of the body. One can gain enough energy by taking proper rest to stay active throughout the day.

Apart from the non-medical ways, one can try medical methods also to treat the disorder effectively.

Medicines composed of a potent component called Modafinil can help in promoting wakefulness and alertness during the daytime.

The intriguing part is, one can from a trusted medicine supplier. However, one should consult with a certified physician before planning to buy modafinil as it will help them know precautions with the modafinil 100mg medicines ( ).

Daytime drowsiness can affect the cognitive process and analytical ability. With a healthy sleep practice, proper diet, and medication, provigil 100 mg one can treat this ailment and relish the fervour of an active life.

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