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Modafinil Analog Shows Promise in Cocaine Addiction Treatment

Gepost door op 1 november 2021

In the 2007 sci-fi film “The Invasion,” Nicole Kidman plays a psychiatrist who is desperately trying to save herself and her son from an alien virus that infects humans when they are asleep.

In the opening scene, an exhausted and sleep-deprived Nicole pilfers a “Good Neighbor Pharmacy” for provigil provigil dosage medications, such as modafinil, Adderall, Ritalin, etc., to help herself stay awake.

While the film is a work of fiction, the facts about the potential of these drugs to promote wakefulness are real.

Unlike Adderall and Ritalin, modafinil isn't an amphetamine but a psychostimulant that has been marketed by the American pharmaceutical company Cephalon as a “cognitive enhancer” due to its ability to boost certain aspects of the working memory, such as calculation performance and pattern recognition.

The Food and buy modafinil Drug Administration (FDA) of the United States has approved modafinil for conditions, such as narcolepsy, shift work sleep disorder and other sleep disorders.

This performance-enhancing agent has burgeoned as one of the favorite smart drugs among medical practitioners and patients due to its multifarious benefits, particularly as an anti-relapse medication.

Although the way modafinil affects patients What Is Provigil not well understood, several clinical trials suggest that modafinil is a potential anti-relapse medication for treating impulsive gambling, cocaine use disorder and withdrawal symptoms.

Being a weak stimulant and slow-acting drug, modafinil is classified as a Schedule IV drug due to its low potential for abuse and fewer side effects.

Atypical DAT inhibitor curbs cocaine dependence

In the U.S., cocaine addiction has been a serious public health concern for decades with no effective pharmacotherapies available for treatment.

Although antidepressants, particularly selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), are still prescribed to treat cocaine dependence, buy modafinil there is a lack of evidence to support its efficacy.

As a powerful stimulant, cocaine blocks the dopamine transporter (DAT) that causes a stark rise in the level of the neurotransmitter dopamine.

It affects the reward center of the brain that causes the user to feel euphoric, active, attentive, and hypersensitive to sight, sound and touch. Although many individuals experiment with cocaine, its powerful reinforcing effects can lead to abuse and addiction.

By affecting the three chemicals of the brain that include dopamine, serotonin and noradrenaline, the long-term use of cocaine hijacks the chemical pathways that trigger immediate gratification. As a result, one develops increased tolerance and dependence on cocaine, which pose serious hurdles in the path of sobriety.

As of now, there isn't any medication approved by the FDA to treat cocaine use disorder. However, scientists from the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) have developed DAT inhibitors that bind to the DAT and block cocaine from attaching in those brain regions without mimicking cocaine's reward-like properties.
The NIDA scientists have obtained a unique modafinil analog called JJC8-016, which is an atypical DAT inhibitor.

Preclinical findings indicate that JJC8-016 has very little or provigil over the counter no potential risk for abuse as cocaine poses and has the ability to impede cocaine-taking and cocaine-seeking behaviors as observed in rats administered with the novel compound.

The modafinil analog also affects other receptors that may contribute to its unique role in reducing the cravings and effects of cocaine.

The future treatment of cocaine use disorders will undeniably incorporate an integrated approach, including both psychosocial and pharmacological interventions.
Modafinil and JJC8-016 are being considered as an opportunity to develop advanced medications for cocaine treatment. However, further research is necessary to fully realize the long-term effects of modafinil 100mg use on the human brain.

Take the rational step to cease abuse

When it comes to the treatment of cocaine addiction, relapse to drug-seeking behaviors is the most challenging issue confronting patients and experts.

Because of this, there is a high demand for anti-relapse medications. Although the modafinil analog has been effective in treating cocaine dependence and constraining cravings to an extent, it only seems to work on individuals without an addiction to alcohol and tobacco.

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